Why Do We Need Smart Lighting ?

In this era, we are constantly pursuing the quality of life, and “intelligent lighting” has become the standard of home decoration. Whether a family is warm and comfortable, comes from the presentation of lighting.

Why Do We Need Smart Lighting?

  1. Lighting can affect people’s mood and health, such as harsh light, stroboscopic and so on. They will reduce visual function, resulting in eye weakness. Therefore, we must avoid harsh light, such as TV background wall lighting. In order to improve comfort, it is suggested to reduce brightness contrast, reduce the dazzling light.


  1. The reasonable lighting design helps to ensure eye health in a suitable light. For example, when you are reading or writing, it is appropriate to set the light at 300-500lx. However, it should be noted that the light should not be maintained at 500lx due to the need to read and write at 500lx. It is also very harmful to people’s eyes under such light for such a long time. How to solve this problem? Here comes the application of intelligent lighting.


  1. Intelligent lighting brings you a healthy and comfortable lighting environment according to a different time and a different environment. Through the intelligent control on the curtain and screen, it can integrate outdoor sunshine with indoor functional requirements, which not only saves energy but also creates a more intimate lighting atmosphere.


  1. When speaking of the future of intelligent lighting system, it is not just about using a mobile phone to control light bulb on and off, changing colors or remote control the lighting. What we need with smart lighting is more user-friendly, more comfortable and able to predict user’s needs in advance.


LUXON lighting is an advocate of green lighting. Based on its R&D center and its policy of green lighting, LUXON has launched a series of energy-saving lighting products to the world. LUXON has always committed itself to the world’s environmental protection business.

LUXON Smart WI-FI LED Light Bulb RGB Color Smartphone Controlled Compatible with Alexa/Google Home

luxon smart light bulbs

As a widely used light bulbs brand in the household, these LUXON RGB smart light bulbs have the following advantages.


  •  Group control available through APP control
  •  Compatible with Alexa and Google Home and enable voice control
  •  Night-Light: Night-Light function provides relax and quality sleeping time
  •  RGBW smart LED bulbs coming with 7 preset color modes for different occasions
  •  long lifespan up to 30,000 hours and consume just 5 delivering about 80% energy savings
  •  Personalize your RGB LED lights with a color palette of 7 colors(rainbow colors) and different tones of white light and every color is dimmable

Let’s come and equip your household with RGB smart light bulbs to enjoy the easy color change.


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