What are the Benefits of LED Lighting?

The use of LED lamp appears more and more frequently in our daily life. It is the most commonly used light source in urban lighting and household lighting.

What are their advantages and how could they be our main source of lighting? Let’s take a quick through its benefits together.

The Advantage of LED Lamps

1. Long service life of LED bulbs. Compared with other ordinary lamps, LED bulbs have extra long life and a LED bulb could use for more than 50,000 hours. As a result, there is no need to replace the light bulbs frequently, which helps to save a lot of housework.

2. LED bulbs can adapt to all kinds of working conditions. The general energy-saving lamps are very vulnerable to damage in the state of frequent opening and closing, while the LED bulb can adapt to this high working environment.

3. The manufacture of LED bulb combines the world’s top technology of light distribution. Its light source is a surface light source, which can increase the luminous surface and make brighter lighting. Besides, this LED lighting do no harm to human’s eyes.

4. There is no harmful substance such as mercury and lead in LED bulbs, which is not polluted to the environment. Nowadays, with people’s awareness of environmental protection improved, they are prone to use environmental products, which make the whole world sustainable.

As a widely used brand of light bulbs, LUXON always sticks to the policy that providing quality light bulbs with affordable price to every family in the world.

luxon led bulbs

LUXON Motion Sensor Light Bulbs Dusk to Dawn 5W (50W Equivalent) Radar Motion LED Bulb E26 Base 2700K Auto On/Off Soft White Night Light for Garage Basement Stair Porch


– ◑Intelligent radar sensor for automatically turn on and off

– ◑Motion activated bulb with strong detect  in a far distance

– ◑Energy saving with a long lifespan up to 30,000 hours

– ◑Easy installation with 1-year quality guarantee

– ◑Wide applications in indoors, outdoors, such as hallway, outdoor porch, walkway, patio, garage, stair, toilets, balcony, gallery, office and more.


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