Types of Light Bulbs – What are They?

Light bulbs are household electrical appliances that every family will buy. Along with the development of technology, there are also various intelligent lamb products. Apart from the basic lighting functions, there are dimmable lighting, adjustable color temperature, human body induction and so on.

Whether for lighting or creating an atmosphere, light bulbs always rely on the human eyes’ to feel. Inappropriate light, unqualified lamps, and lanterns will greatly reduce the effect of lighting. And they may even hurt people’s eyes. Therefore, when choosing Light bulbs, we must know some common knowledge in order to buy a light bulb scientifically.

Let’s take a look at the basic types of light bulbs.

I. Incandescent Lamps

Although the incandescent lamp is cheap and has a strong light, it’s power consumption and has a short lifespan. Most of the electric energy is used for heating, and its performance is much lower than that of the new generation of light sources. As a result, it has been required to gradually withdraw from the market.

2. Halogen Lamps

With the feature of low price, strong light, small size, and good light control, halogen lamps are suitable for use. they are especially suitable in areas where projection lighting is needed and the requirements for color restoration of the object are relatively high.

3. Fluorescent Lamps

Thanks to green lighting policy, the use of fluorescent lamps is vigorously promoted.  And China is currently the world’s most popular country of using fluorescent lamps. However, the fluorescent lamps could cause a lot of harm. Along with people’s growing concern for health and environmental protection,  it is not a good lamp choice.

4. LED Lamps

LED has obvious advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, and awareness of health. And it will inevitably become the mainstream lighting source in the future. As a new generation of lighting source, LED is more efficient and healthier than incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamp, and energy-saving lamps.

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