Tips for Light Bulb Buying

A light bulb is a common electric light source in a family, and its power selection is directly related to the lighting effect. And here comes the question. How to choose a light bulb at home?

Energy saving and environmental protection become important factors when choosing lighting bulbs. If the power of the light bulb is too large, it may cause a waste of electric energy and may easily heat up, which is very likely to cause various accidents.

There are various kinds of light bulbs in the market, including various materials, different shapes, and different colors. Among these choices, what factors should we consider when choosing a light bulb?

The Factor of Color Temperature

The Factor of Color Temperature

The lower the temperature, the yellower the light. The suitable color temperature for children is between 2700K and 4100K, which has warm yellow light with a soft effect.

The choice of light color will also affect the atmosphere of the home. At a certain temperature, it may be easier to tend to sweat in the yellow light environment than that in the while light environment for people. Therefore, it is adaptable to change the light bulbs with the change of the seasons. For winter, it is suitable to create a warm feeling with yellow light while for summer, it is good to create a cool feeling with white light.

The Factor of Light Distribution Requirements

In household lighting, the light source is usually 3-5 watts per square meter. For example, if the area of the room is 15 square meters, then the basic light source in this room should be about 45-75 watts. As long as you know how many square meters of the space, you will know how much light it needs.

The Factor of Different Space

For large-area and long-time lighting environment, such as the living room, it is suitable to use fluorescent lamps. For the staircase and toilet where the light is often switched on and off, it is suitable to use LED lamps that can quickly turn on and off. For bedrooms and bathrooms, it is suitable to use incandescent lamps. They could not only lighting the room but also keep the room warm.

The Factor of Different Season

The lower the temperature, the yellower the light. If the light bulb color is yellowish, the color temperature is about 3000K. If it is close to white color, then the color temperature is about 5000K (sunshine outside at noon) – 7000K. For some light sources, it is disordered in color, which is not conducive to the development of children’s brain. Therefore, we must be careful when choosing lighting for children.

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