The Longest-Lived Light Bulb In The World Has Been Lit Up For 115 Years

The light bulb, whose exact technical name is incandescent lamp, is a lamp that is used to illuminate by heating a young wire through an electric resistance to an incandescent wire. The emergence of light bulbs is a major creation in the world. The endless light that light bulbs bring to people also promotes the progress of the world.

The light bulb we usually use has a life of about 1000 hours. However, there is such a light bulb in foreign countries, it has been lit up for 115 years, it is the longest life bulb in the world. It is understood that this light bulb is the No. 6 bulb of the Livermore Fire Department in California and is known as the “hundred years old bulb.”


This light bulb has not stopped working since it was put into use. In this 115-year period, the light bulb was cut off twice in total. One time because the fire-fighting unit had to change the station, the light bulb was removed and sent to a new station.

The second power outage was caused by a power outage near the station, which caused the lamp to stop working for 9 hours. In addition, this light bulb is always on. To commemorate this long-lived light bulb, on June 18th of each year, the fire station staff will celebrate the birthday of the light bulb together.


Why is this light bulb working for such a long time? The filament of this light bulb is made of hand-blown carbon filament. This filament is many times thicker than ordinary filament, the filament is blown.

At the same time, the carbon fiber is very plastic, even if its conductivity is not as good as other conductors, but the carbon wire can ensure the passage of current for a long time, so it is normal for this bulb to continue to work for so long.

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