Ten years of painstaking research and development of self rescue artifact-LUXON Emergency Tool 7-in-1

Self-help — don’t let the tragedy happen again

The research shows that the safe escape time of a car falling into the water is only 30 seconds, except for the fastest response of people, 5 seconds, and the remaining 20 seconds will be life-threatening if the window cannot be broken in time. Most of the broken windows can only be charged in one minute, and many of them can’t even break windows.
You bought the broken window car online to charge 2018 models. He believed it when he heard the hype of customer service. When tested with the attached toughened glass and real car glass, it was found that it could not be broken at all! In the event of a dangerous situation, such as a car falling into the water or a child forgetting that he needs to escape from the car, the “life-saving artifact” will become a decoration, and he will be repentance.
99% of the cars with broken windows on the market have the problem that they can’t break windows. The reason is that most of the broken window materials are made of stainless steel, which is very soft. Its Mohs hardness is only 5, far less than the hardness of toughened glass 7, so it is impossible to escape from the broken window.
Only tungsten steel with a hardness value of 9 and diamond with a value of 10 can break windows. The tip part of the life super aid broken window is made of imported tungsten steel from Switzerland, and the head is designed with a 60-degree needle tip. Once pressed, it erupts instantly, leaving a gap on the toughened glass with a slight stroke.
Parents love their children with a profound plan. Their children are weak and weak, and the ordinary tools for smashing windows are not effective at all. But the life is full of pressing operation so that the three-year-old child can easily break the window with only the strength of his fist.

LUXON Emergency Tool 7 in 1 EMERGENCY KIT: This multifunctional tool contains a car safety hammer, seat belt cutter, red indicating light(SOS lighting), magnet, LED flashlight (bright/dim/flashing), USB charger with cables, hand cranking charging system.
With its excellent military quality, LUXON Emergency Tool has created a historical record of 0.1-second window breaking! Therefore, we just need to tell our children the position and function of life in the car and teach them how to use it. At the critical moment, we can break the window and escape quickly. it has not only obtained several patent technologies. From practice, we know that life has passed all kinds of safety tests and actual combat tests. I hope this life will not be useful, but it will be safe!
It’s also a fast-charging artifact

This little guy who saves lives in a critical situation also has great strength as a car charger. The USB interface of the life charging not only adapts to more than 90% mobile phone models such as apple, Huawei. HAND CRANKING CHARGING SYSTEM: The emergency tool with USB charger and USB cable has a special skill to save itself, which is hand power generation. As well as, it can charge for most phones in an emergency circumstance.
In this era of beauty value that is justice, the appearance of life full has become the eye of the beauty control method. The all aviation aluminum alloy shell is made of fine aluminum oxidation process, which is quite textured. And the body shape is light.

LIGHTING TOOL & EMERGENCY SOS: When you are in the dark or emergency, you can use the car emergency kit with LED light as a lighting tool. The led light with flashlight function also can be used as an emergency SOS for asking for help.
Remember, even if there is a 1% chance, never let regret happen! To have life as the LUXON Emergency tool is the best commitment to family safety.


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