San Francisco Light Festival, let you see the most special light in the world

This winter, many tourist destinations around the world have launched various interesting light festivals or light shows. Among them, the “San Francisco lighting Festival” which has been held for seven years is full of surprises. The whole city of San Francisco is lit by 40 lighting art devices. You can start a wonderful lighting art journey along the route of the lighting Festival.
Picture / provided by San Francisco Tourism Bureau.

The journey begins with the “light of the bay” at the river pier, the lighting installation on the north side of the west end of the Bay Bridge, which was created by artist Leo Villarreal in San Francisco in 2013 and became a permanent installation in 2016. The Bay light, 1.8 miles wide and 500 feet high, is made up of 25000 individually programmed white LED lights, which are lit from dusk to dawn every day. The best viewing place is the river terminal area north of the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

Starting from the Bay Bridge along the river pier to the north, you can reach the exploration Museum of pier 15. Here are the lighting sculptures created by different artists, which are very amazing. This year’s work “shining” includes lighting devices such as “ball”, “Kaleidoscope” and “Cuba dragon core”. It is full of creativity and immerses people in the charm of light and shadow. In the newly built circular hall of the salesforce transportation center, the “white light” designed by Jenny Holzer inspires tourists with intelligent words. The LED screen scrolls with intelligent statements from more than 40 celebrities – some playing for just 45 seconds, others staying for two hours.
“Day and night” at the top of the salesforce building is the highest public art installation in the United States. Created in 2018, it is composed of 11000 lights and video screens, displaying the daily scenes of San Francisco city life. This spectacular art installation can be seen almost anywhere in San Francisco.
There is also an interesting lighting art installation “point cloud”, which is located on the pedestrian overpass between the north and south buildings of Moscone center, and created by Leo Villarreal, the author of “light of the bay”. “Point cloud” consists of 858 steel bars and 28288 LED bulbs. The blue, yellow, orange, pink and lavender lights are changed every 30 seconds. Visitors can walk across the overpass during the opening hours of the Moscone center to experience this immersive device.

The 17-foot tall sculpture “mechanical Tara” is an imaginative lighting device inspired by the robot Maria in the silent movie “metropolis”. 80% of the device is made of recycled materials, including machine parts and hardware collected from local businesses in San Francisco. At night, the giant female robot radiates soft light, gentle and powerful.
The most popular lighting installation is the “bay view building” – the fresco on the wall outside the grain warehouse and elevator of pier 92. According to reports, “bay view building” 187 feet high, very eye-catching, from the surrounding hillside and highway can be seen. It can be said that it is the landmark of bay scenic area. The color-changing light makes some murals glow, and the image looks constantly changing.


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