Restaurant lighting design considerations

In a dining space, the lighting design has a great influence on the dining environment. Different color temperatures and different brightness lights can create different atmospheres. What problems should the restaurant lighting design pay attention to?

Restaurant lighting corresponds to restaurant style

Restaurant lighting design not only enhances the atmosphere, but also brings a good mood to customers. For the restaurant, the choice of lighting should be consistent with the style of the dining space, in order to better express the culture and characteristics of the restaurant. At the same time, it is the success of lighting design that the light is dark and bright, real and virtual.


Restaurant lighting should highlight the style of the restaurant

Each restaurant has its own unique atmosphere and style, such as antiques, Japanese, Chinese restaurants, western restaurants, etc. Different types of restaurants show different styles. The difference of this style can be realized by lighting design.


Restaurant lighting with local lighting

The focus of lighting on the table, decoration, culture is to highlight the restaurant culture to attract customers, reasonable lighting design can increase customer appetite, enhance the store business, but also pay attention to the adverse effects of lighting, such as direct exposure on the customer’s face Wait.


Restaurant lighting brightness

The brightness of the entire dining space should be gentle and the lighting should be designed to be gentle, so that it will create a warm feeling for the entire dining space.


Restaurant lighting color

The color of the restaurant lights is the secret weapon to create an atmosphere. Different restaurant lighting colors can create a different atmosphere, for example: warm yellow can create a warm atmosphere, white lighting gives a bright feeling, blue light gives a romantic feeling, the specific needs can be based on the style of their own restaurant Come choose.


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