LUXON Radar Motion Sensor Socket Adapter E26/E27 to E26/E27 Lamp Bulb

LUXON Radar Motion Sensor Socket Adapter E26/E27 to E26/E27 Lamp Bulb

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【Radar Motion Light Bulb】— Simply connect your normal E26/E27 light bulb to this adapter and it will instantly become motion sensor light. Automatic on/off prevents you from tripping in the dark. Save money and reduce the hassle of replacing original lighting fixtures.

【Radar Sensor Effect】— When becoming a motion sensor bulb, it can automatically detect moving objects and react intelligently. It automatically ON when moving objects into range in the dark, and it lasts for 30 seconds when the movement ceases.

【Safety and Quality Assurance】— CE, RoHS, and FCC certified, mercury-free and lead-free; Multiple holes at the top for heat dissipating, so the socket can last up to 30000 hours.

【Easy To Install】— Perfect for all E26 / E27 bulbs. Simply install it in an existing bulb socket adapter (indoor only) and screw the bulb into the adapter without any tools and no require the hub.

【Wide Application】— Suitable for most outdoor and indoor lighting, compact fluorescent, LED, halogen and incandescent bulbs. The bulb adapter can be used in conjunction with any common E26 / E27 base bulb and is ideal for closets, porches, basements, courtyards, stairs, hallways, garages.

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How sensitive is this motion sensor bulb socket?

Motion sensor adapter can penetrate glass, plywood, and walls to detect movement within 6-16 feet. LED sensor adapter can also detect pets. So the radar sensor bulb turns on when it detects an object moving within 6 to 16 feet.


Suitable in the bedroom for the older, so they can reposition themselves in the dark and move safely around the room.


How to make the bulb adaptor socket work?

Simply install it in an existing lamp holder (indoor only) and screw the bulb into the bulb adapter without any tools and hub. Your light will then become a motion sensor light that will automatically turn on when it detects movement of an object and turn off about 30 seconds after it no longer detects movement of an object to avoid wasting energy.



—Ensure two bulb adapter spacing greater than 8 meters.

—For energy conservation and environmental protection, it is recommended to use LED lights.

—Please ensure that the motion sensor socket for the required movement area, and keep proper distance and angle.


Product specifications

☪ power: 60 watts or less

☪ socket: E26 / E27 to E26/E27

☪ working voltage: AC100-240V

☪ induction distance: 6-16 feet

☪ installation height: 6.5-9 feet

☪ delay: 25 to 30s

☪ detection Angle: 360 °

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 0.33 × 0.33 × 0.88 cm
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2 reviews for LUXON Radar Motion Sensor Socket Adapter E26/E27 to E26/E27 Lamp Bulb
  • Larry J.

    5 out of 5

    these are excellent products! we’ve used them for several years now.

  • Naeem Crowther

    5 out of 5

    This motion sensor is very responsive I bought it for my shed so I would not forget to shut off the light

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