New trends in interior lighting design in 2019

Abstract: Indoor lighting is the core of home design. You can define the lighting and the type of lighting you want to change the atmosphere at home. The lighting design varies from room to room. The lights in the living room may not be suitable for the kitchen or bedroom. The lighting must reflect the function of each space and the feelings of the residents.

Indoor lighting is at the heart of home design, and you can define the lighting and the type of lighting you want to change the atmosphere at home. The lighting design varies from room to room. The lights in the living room may not be suitable for the kitchen or bedroom. The lighting must reflect the function of each space and the feelings of the residents. As with any other part of the interior, the lighting design is constantly changing. Technology is one reason for these changes. As manufacturers offer more advanced fixtures and light bulbs, the tastes and preferences of homeowners change with the times. That’s why we have different types of vintage lighting, decorative art, medieval modernity and so on.

Recently, the trend of flexible colors has seen a significant increase. Owners have fallen in love with grey and beige, and the soft gold is in this soft range, perfect for modern decor. The soft gold falls somewhere between the brushed silver and the brushed gold. The soft matte effect of these two shades is borrowed while revealing the warmth and mellowness of the gold. This also means it can be integrated into almost any type of decoration.

The industry has always been known for its rustic decoration, neutral colors and its emphasis on metal. We see that it is coming back in another form. If you look at modern industrial lighting, you will feel some obvious legal differences between it and traditional industrial style. The new name we give it is “upgraded industrial” or modern retro style. Unlike the similar warehouse styles that are common in industrial styles, we see more fashionable metals, richer, more hues and alternative designs. When you stroll around, you’ll find that the retro details of the device are more detailed and look more like an art form.

If you are interested in introducing some industrial elements at home. Then the new modern industry should be a good choice.

How to use: Use modern retro lighting to create a unique style for the area, these lighting designs are ideal for kitchen work areas, restaurant areas or wall lamps. You can even use the fixture itself as a major element of artwork or home on the wall.

Retro Edison-style bulbs add to the retro lighting trend of 2019. Many owners like the nostalgic design of these lamps, and the conical shape makes the lights particularly warm, suitable for residential areas and kitchen lights. Even better, you can use Edison-style bulbs in modern LED lighting. If you want a luminaire that can last longer and consume less power, you can use an LED Edison-style bulb.

How to use: Retro Edison bulbs are best suited for vintage/industrial styles. They add some warmth and femininity to industrial elements. For maximum results, use a full set of lights instead of a single light bulb. For example, a chandelier made with an Edison light bulb or a row of connected Edison lights above your kitchen work area. These lights are a great place to start if you are looking for a retro-inspired feel. And you can find a lot of design references in the market.

For many years, Art Deco and medieval modern style have always been the favorite of interior design. For some reason, lighting does not follow the same trend. It is difficult to encounter art installations in these nostalgic early century styles. But as more and more medieval and Art Deco designs are filled with the market, this is changing. When it comes to medieval modernity with clean lines and weakened forms, people think of the popular Sputnik chandelier. Art Deco and medieval modernity formed continuity from the 1920s to the 70s. They all emphasize clean lines, unique designs and a balance of form and art.

Art Deco lighting focuses on sharp lines and fascinating geometric designs. When you use modern lighting in the Middle Ages, you will find that this style is a combination of functional form and aesthetics that loves natural shapes.

How to use: Art Deco is a clever lighting style. The overhead art deco unit is particularly good at adding a strong geometric design to the space. The lighting trend of the Middle Ages in 2019 is more fun and leisurely, using it to add a little subtle artistic sense to the space. Unlike many years ago, it is not difficult to find modern art in the art of decoration and the Middle Ages today. You can go to the attachment store or check out those works online.

Modern decoration is mainly based on a clean form. Whether it is a modern sofa, a modern kitchen or a modern light, excessive decoration is lost. Older lighting fixtures usually have gorgeous metalwork. But in modern homes, complex designs may not be as good as the fusion of clean style spaces. Therefore, to this day, owners prefer to choose a simpler, cleaner lighting design that fits perfectly with modern decor.

As more low-key luminaires enter the market, the minimalist trend will become more popular in 2019. These luminaires focus on simple geometric design, neutral soft colors and highlights of aesthetics.

How to use: Whether in the living room, kitchen or bedroom, you can use modern, clean lighting in any space in your home. It is best suited to highlight the sense of home design, especially when used on the roof, creating a simple and bold look. The lighting fixtures are independent and are not squeezed by other fixtures. It is more suitable when used as a reading light, a ceiling light or a main light.

Incandescent lamps are a huge waste, and most of the electricity is wasted in the form of heat. This is why it is necessary to transform it into other more effective and environmentally friendly forms of lighting. More and more homeowners are turning to LED lighting because they are cost-effective and power-saving and have a much longer lifespan than incandescent lamps. Another point of LED lighting is that it is available in a variety of styles. You can get LED lights in a variety of colors, brightness, shapes, and more. They are a great choice when you need a unique home design.

At present, the main disadvantage of LED lighting is that it is relatively more expensive. Although they can save some money in the long run, the purchase cost is quite high compared to other lighting options. Most owners can only replace one fixture at a time. As technology advances and adoption of LED lighting increases, the cost of LEDs should decrease in 2019 and beyond. Soon, the owner may switch to one place at a time.

For some areas of the house, the owners fell in love with larger fixtures in order to create a “Wow” effect that appealed to the user, not only for lighting, but also as a central decoration. Some designs have a gorgeous design that focuses all of the attention in the space of the fixture. Large chandelier lighting fixtures can be used for walkways in kitchens, dining tables, foyers and other areas.

How to use: Use a larger fixture that requires great care. For best results, use it in the central area where you can get the most out of it. You can balance it with smaller fixtures around the room to create a beautiful overall look.


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