Never endure glare: the ideal height of a chandelier

Have you had such an experience? After sitting for a while under the chandelier, his eyes began to feel tired and blurry, and even felt uncomfortable. Don’t worry, it’s not necessarily an eye problem. This “dazzling” feeling maybe because the height of the chandelier is too high, and there is no anti-glare design at the bottom of the lamp to prevent the light from directly shining into the eyes, making our eyes unable to adapt to the resulting.

| The most comfortable height for eyes |

Most dining tables are about 75-80cm in height, and to avoid the glare discomfort caused by too high chandeliers, you can grab between 70-90cm from the bottom of the lamp cover to the table. The detailed height will vary with individual usage habits and members’ heights.
For example: If there is a child in the home because the child has a low height, the light is 70cm away from the tabletop. If the family member is taller and is worried about collision during serving or activities, the 90cm distance from the tabletop will be more suitable. Suitable for.

▲ If there are children in the house, it is generally recommended to lower the height of the lamps to avoid glare. If the lamp has a proper anti-glare design, for example, the lower edge of Mist’s glass is treated with a gradual sandblasting and atomization, even if it is hung, it will not make users feel glare.
Photo Credit: Day and Design

▲ If you often read on the dining table, in addition to the brightness of the lamp itself, you should also avoid hanging the table too high, which will cause insufficient illumination on the table.

| Aesthetic considerations in space |

In addition to the considerations of brightness and eye care, choosing a design chandelier is of course to increase the beauty of the home space. At this time, the height of the chandelier needs to be comprehensively considered, such as the appearance and space of the lamp itself. Its height, its surroundings … and so on.

▲ The small chandelier has no pressure even if it is close to the dining table, allowing users to appreciate the lamps closer and create a dining atmosphere.

▲ Some people prefer to hang the chandelier lower to make the chandelier’s hanging line longer, and the lines that sag from top to bottom can create a higher sense of space.

▲ JOJO LED Through the structural design, the height can be adjusted at any time, and it can be adjusted to the desired position according to different needs and moods every day.
Photo Credit: Nordic architecture

“Light” is the medium that brings us home to relax and soothe, and the dining table is the place where we most often meet with our family. If you are preparing to install a chandelier and have no clue, or are distressed that the lights at home are too dazzling, now take the paper notes and focus on finding the optimal height for the lights in your home. Don’t let bad light destroy you and yours. Good moments for the family.


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