Living Room Lamps Does not Need Too Much Complex!-Luxon Light Home Fashion Guide!

Without the light our home is dark, then with lights, it’s not only can make our house bright, but also warm at heart, with so many the choice of lamps, what kind of lamps should we choose for our family? by category, lamps can be divided into a chandelier, ceiling lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp, tube lamp and so on. (Luxon Led Bulb 12W)

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Many people may think that chandelier is more fashionable, so they would like to choose one for their home as well. but actually, compare common families and general decoration, the chandelier may not be the most appropriate choice. (Luxon 150W Equivalent Warm Light)

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Although the chandelier can give a person gorgeous and luxurious visual feeling, if the house space is not wide enough or the house decorated wasn’t gorgeous enough, then if choose the chandelier, the overall effect may not be satisfactory. (LUXON 4W LED Warm Amber Edison Light Bulbs)

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Especially for the small apartments, if choice chandelier not only doesn’t have such a gorgeous feeling but also make the whole space appear depressed. it doesn’t work very well and also wasted your money. (LUXON 15W Radar Motion Sensor LED Light Bulb Soft White)

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Although wall lights,  shoot lamp and floor lamps also has a lot of family to choices, but for most families still recommended to choose simple and fashionable but all-purpose ceiling lamps.


In fact, ceiling lamps not only simple and fashionable but also have a lot of types you can choose.

In addition,this kind of lamps can be installed directly on the ceiling and installation is easy, the style is simple and generous, give the space clear and bright feeling. (LUXON 9W Radar Motion Sensor Light Bulb E26 Base Warm White )

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So, for most families that the ceiling light is the most appropriate choice.


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If you feel the ceiling lamp is too simple in the living room, you can also decorate it with a tube lamp and shoot lamp(LUXON 5W Sensor LED Light Bulb Warm White E26 Base Dusk to Dawn)


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The Chinese style of home decoration is also suitable.

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