Lighting Fixtures & Ideas for Your Dining Room

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If you’re planning to look for light fixtures to make your dining room more beautiful, and these may be the perfect light fixture in your dining room.

The dining room is a place where we share a beautiful moment with our families. As a result, the lighting for the dining room should be a matter of consequence. Lighting should not only provide the right amount of light but also highlight or complement your dining room decor.

Chandeliers Lighting Fixtures


Chandeliers Lighting Fixtures


The whole black chandelier presents an elegant look, giving a  luxurious look. Minimalist open frame dressed in a rich black finish, and support rods that attach the fixture to a black chain that then attaches to the ceiling canopy. What’s more, it comes with twelve dimmable Edison light bulbs, adding a nostalgic vintage look.


Pendant Lighting Fixtures


Pendant Lighting Fixtures


Pendant lights are almost adapt to any space. And this handsome pendant light presents a contemporary style. Rust finish cage with Edison light bulbs installed, lend a nostalgic glow.

Edison light bulbs are popular with most of the people, and they are widely used in household lighting and bar lighting. Its charming vintage look always gives a feeling of nostalgia. That’s why LUXON Edison light bulbs win most of the market share in recent years.


LUXON Edison Lighting Bulb
vintage lighting decor

Mount Lighting Fixtures


Mount Lighting Fixtures


A conical crystal studded base anchors delicate vertical hanging crystals that fall into a soft triangular shape.

Twelve-light flush-mount fixtures with circular glass shades add a soft light to the room without being overpowering, making them a great option for dining rooms in which the dining table is the focal point of the space.

Whether you’re enjoying a meal with family and friends or sitting down to have a small talk with your friends, you’ll find your dining room filled with a captivating atmosphere.

How enjoyable it is to with these beautiful light fixtures with LUXON light bulbs.



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