Light Up Your Living Room with These Nordic Design Lights

A lamp is something that every household must use. For now few people in this era can adapt to the night without light. As the source of our night light, a lamp is no longer just playing the role of illuminating the house. Except for the basic function of lighting, the most important thing people pursue is the exterior design of a lamp. A good lamp can even be a bright spot in the living room.

Now let’s take a look at the Nordic style lamps in the living room which take a super sense of design.


This lamp is designed in a round shape with an Edison light bulb hanging on the middle, giving a sense of modern design.


This lamp portrays the shape of a bulb. The black color of the lamp combines with the warm color of the light bulbs, showing a great sense of design.


With a different length of lamp design, this lamp shows a great sense of space.


Different length of lamp design in round shape presents a simple but elegant look.


Lamps with geometrical design and Edison warm light bulbs making the whole living room vivid and warm.

As a widely used brand of light bulbs, LUXON always sticks to the policy that providing quality light bulbs with affordable price to every family in the world.

LUXON LED Edison Bulb Dimmable Amber Warm 2700K Light Bulbs 40W Equivalent E26 Base

This LED Edison bulb is widely used in household lighting. Its beautiful warm lighting creates a cozy and warm feeling for the house.


1. Dimmable to create the perfect balance of vintage light

2. Antique vintage style add character to any room

3. Low-heat, energy-saving with a long lifespan

4. Beautiful warm light instead of overwhelmingly bright lighting, making your room cozier

5. Compared with other light bulbs, it saves over 90% on electricity bill of lighting


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