LED lighting strobe “previous and present life”

Along with the progress of science and technology, LED light-emitting diodes (leds) as the mainstay of a fourth generation of light source, lighting, and with the LED lamps and lanterns into the public, especially after the exposure on 3.15 evening party in 2017, strobe cause headaches, fatigue, vision loss, depression and other adverse physiological response problem get more attention, today here we share with you about the word ” strobe” about its previous and present life



The word “strobe” is often confused with the term “stroboscopic effect”, in which the observed motion of an object appears to be stationary or to be different from its actual state of motion under light rays varying in frequency. In order to distinguish the concept, China quality certification center in cqc1601-2016 “visual operation table lamp performance certification technical specification” new rules will change “strobe” to “flicker”; The north American illuminating society (IESNA) defines “flicker” as a rapid change in the intensity of a light source. GB/T 26692-2011 defines no strobe: when the lamp works under the appropriate drive current, the ratio of peak and trough of the output light received by the photometer is not greater than 1.15, that is, the output light is considered to be without strobe. The international society of electrical and electronics engineers has also made regulations on flicker: flicker shall meet the limit requirements of the low risk level of IEEE Std 1789-2015, and the limit requirements of the imperceptible level of IEEE Std 1789-2015;From the name change of cqc1601-2016, it can be seen that the GB/T 26692-2011 without strobe is defined as “flicker”.



For lighting products, either the traditional light source or the current LED lamps, as long as the work under the drive of communication will produce strobe. From the above definition and analysis, it can be concluded that the source of the luminaries flicker is the drive circuit, and has nothing to do with the LED light source.


In the process of circuit design, Central lighting quantum desk lamp use a special chip to process the signal and control the waveform at the output end to ensure the optimal output of the optical parameters.


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