How To Maintain Your Light Bulbs for Better Use

For a household appliance, more and more people choose LED bulbs. Compared with other ordinary bulbs, LED light bulbs have the obvious advantages like more energy-saving, environmental protection and long service life and so on. The use rate of LED bulbs in a household is getting higher and higher, while the popularity rate also increases greatly.

However, if LED bulbs are not cleaned and maintained properly, they will also cause damage to the bulbs themselves and lighting, which may also affect the service life. So how to clean and maintain the LED bulbs so as to ensure their normal working status?

LUXON light bulbs maintainance

When using and maintaining light bulbs, we need to pay attention to the below parts.

Light Bulb Maintainance

  1. Wipe the light bulb with a dry cloth lightly if the bulb is not particularly dirty.

  2. If you need to disassemble the light bulb for deep cleaning, wipe it with a semi-humid cloth. Firstly, clean it with a dry cloth tainted with water. Be sure to wipe the bulb or lamp tube with a dry cloth until it is completely dry before installing it. Please remember do not clean it directly with water.

  3. For light bulbs in the kitchen, you need to clean them frequently to remove the oil stains on the bulb or lamp tube, so as to avoid affecting the brightness of the lamp.

  4. The environment for storing spare LED bulbs should be ventilated and dry, and should not be directly exposed to sunlight.


It is very common for a household to use with LED light bulbs. If you need to change your light bulbs at home, the following brand is worth trying.

LUXON is a reliable brand specializing in providing indoor & outdoor light bulbs. We always stick to the policy of green lighting with high-quality products to our customers.

LUXON 15W Soft White Radar Motion Sensing 1500lm LED Light Bulb

LUXON Radar Motion LED Light BulbThis radar sensor light bulb is much more energy efficient than traditional lamps, it automatically switches ON at dusk and OFF at dawn.

LUXON light bulb comes with below features:

  • Dusk to dawn sensor automatically
  • High light control sensitivity at night
  • Built-in radar sensor for normally using
  • Energy-saving bulbs with environmental protection
  • Wide application for both indoor and outdoor.
  • Long lifespan for more than 30,000 hours with 1-year warranty

After reading so much about LUXON light bulbs, how about equipping your household with several LUXON LED bulbs.


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