How to choose lamps? These three aspects must be kept in mind.

Lamps are things that cannot be separated from everyday life. If this lamp is good-looking, power-saving, and special, it will really add a lot to the overall value of the home. So, if you want to decorate a perfect home, you may miss an exquisite fixture! So how do you choose a luminaire?

Selecting lamps according to space

The choice of luminaires can be determined by the size of the space and the style of the accessories. If the space is small, you can choose a main light, but if the space is slightly larger, you can create a space atmosphere through the main and auxiliary lamps. The living room is a place for visitors to open space, and the light is best.


The bedroom lighting should be soft

The bedroom is a relatively private and relaxing area, and the lighting should be soft to ensure that people’s emotions are relaxed. Therefore, the lighting of the bedroom can be based on the warm yellow color, with the wall lamp or downlight on the bed to create a romantic and comfortable atmosphere.

Children’s room lighting should be eye protection

The choice of lighting for children’s rooms, the lighting of the lighting is more important, children use the eyes under the light for a short distance, should choose eye protection lamps. The energy-saving eye-protection lamp on the market, the health light that protects children’s vision, and the table lamp for purifying the air make the children’s room enhance the beautiful color and enhance the health index of the room.

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