How to choose lamps for your new home?




  1. The relationship between local lighting and general lighting.
  2. Principles for determining the style of the lamp: People with different occupations have different lamp requirements: People who are engaged in mental work generally like to be quiet, like to read books, design drawings, research information, etc. They need diverse lighting settings, desk lamps to facilitate work, floor lamps to help reading, bedside lamps to read Newspaper.

Shopping tips based on age:


  1. Elderly


The elderly have simple and quiet living habits, and the colors and shapes of the lamps used should set off the elegant and generous style of the elderly. The main lamp can be combined with a palace lantern-shaped pendant lamp or a ceiling lamp. In order to facilitate the elderly to get up at night, a low-illumination long light can be set on the bedside.


  1. Middle-aged people


Middle-aged people are the family leader and the pillars of their careers. They strive to be simple and lively in decoration and color. The lamp should reflect both the personality and the style of the subject, such as a spiral arm table lamp or a floor lamp to facilitate work.


  1. Young people

Young people should highlight new, strange and special lights. The main light should show personality, creative shapes and bright colors. The wall lamp requires love as the theme, and the light source must be warm and romantic (especially for girls).


  1. Children

Children’s lighting is best to be unpredictable, highlight a strange, increase children’s imagination, and help intellectual development. The shape and color of the lighting should not only reflect the child’s interest, but also be conducive to the healthy growth of children. The main body of the lamp strives to be concise and lively. It can use simple chandeliers or ceiling lamps. The work desk should be bright. Animal-shaped desk lamps can be used, but attention should be paid to ensuring the illumination. Because children are curious and active, the lighting must be safe and reliable .


Shopping tips based on home use

Corridor lighting:

The foyer, lobby, and corridor are the places people must pass by, and they are the first place to enter the interior. They are also one of the overall standards of interior decoration. Generally, small spherical lamps, oblate or Square ceiling lamp, its specifications, dimensions, and sizes should be matched with the living room. Spotlights are sometimes installed at the door. The foyer and hallway lamps should have the main and second place with the other rooms, and the lobby is the lobby of the public building. Its light is very important. The lighting is one of the iconic decorations. It should be grand and luxurious.


Living room lighting:

The living room has a large conference room and a home living room. The large conference room is mainly a mixed lamp, reflecting a luxurious and exquisite ethnic style. The living room is the central area for family members’ activities, and it is also a place to receive relatives and guests. The lighting should not be negligent, and it must be carefully designed and furnished. The ideal design: the quantity and brightness of the lighting are adjustable, so that the family style is fully displayed.


Generally, a combination of general lighting and local lighting is adopted, that is, a main light, which is also equipped with other auxiliary lightings. Such as: wall lights, down lights, spot lights and so on. As for the main lighting, if the living room height is about 3M, a mid-range luxury chandelier should be used, if the living room height is below 2.5M, a mid-range decorative ceiling lamp should be used or the main light should not be used, if the living room height is more than 3.5M, choose a higher grade, a slightly larger size chandelier or ceiling lamp.


Bedroom lighting:

The main function of the bedroom is to rest, but it is not a single sleeping area. In most homes, the bedroom is also a place for makeup and storage of clothes, as well as a short rest after work. To make the most of the bedroom’s use, it is necessary to make a careful design of the lighting decoration. The choice of lamp shape and color should be based on creating a quiet and warm atmosphere. If you want to create a romantic or charming small bedroom, you need to use soft and beautiful lighting. The lighting method is preferably indirect or diffuse. Indirect lighting is used indoors, the color of the ceiling should be light, and the effect of reflected light is fabulous. If you use a small low-wattage spotlight to illuminate, the ceiling should be dark, which can create a romantic and soft sensual atmosphere.


Kitchen lighting:

Kitchen lighting has high requirements for lighting, because lighting is also important to the appearance of food, it can affect people’s appetite, because people spend more time in the kitchen, the lighting should be comfortable and attractive, which can improve passion for making food. For general kitchen lighting, a recessed or semi-recessed astigmatism type ceiling lamp is set above the operating table, and the recessed opening is covered with transparent glass or transparent plastic. In this way, the ceiling can be kept clean, reducing the trouble caused by dust and oil. A cooker hood is generally arranged above the cooktop, and a small incandescent lamp is hidden inside the hood for the cooktop lighting. If the kitchen doubles as a dining room, a single-hood single-fire lift or single-layer multi-fork chandelier can be set above the dining table. The light source should be a warm-colored incandescent.



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