How Much Do You Know About the RGB Smart Light Bulbs

Nowadays, LED light bulbs become common using in every household. And there is also an updated light bulb. It is called smart LED light bulbs.

One of the functions of smart light bulbs is its RGB color function. And what benefits do these RGB smart light bulbs bring us?

Benefits of RGB Light Bulbs

1. Changing the Atmosphere of the Bedroom

If you want your bedroom to fill with a warm atmosphere, you could easily change the light to a golden color, which gives a feeling of warmness.

What about making your bedroom look cooler, you could switch the light color into blue.

2. Suitable Light Effect for the Party Time

With RGB smart light bulbs, you could easily turn your household into a party place by switching the light color into the theme color of the party.

3. Different Light Effect for Holidays

You could also adjust the light color for different holidays. For example, you could change the light color into red and green for Christmas Day. And there is no need to buy extra lighting for the holidays. Just switch the color of the RGB smart light bulbs.

4. Setting the Color of the Wall Differently

Just switch the color of the RGB smart light bulbs, if you are tired of the color of the wall. There is no need to re-paint the wall. Easily change the color of the lighting if you want to make your home look different every day.

LUXON Smart WI-FI LED Light Bulb RGB Color Smartphone Controlled Compatible with Alexa/Google Home

luxon RGB light bulbs

As a widely used light bulbs brand in the household, LUXON RGB smart light bulbs have the following advantages.


  •  Group control available through APP control
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home and enable voice control
  • Night-Light: Night-Light function provides relax and quality sleeping time
  • RGBW smart LED bulbs coming with 7 preset color modes for different occasions
  • Long lifespan up to 30,000 hours and consume just 5 delivering about 80% energy savings
  • Personalize your RGB LED lights with a color palette of 7 colors(rainbow colors) and different tones of white light and every color is dimmable

Let’s come and equip your household with RGB smart light bulbs to enjoy the easy color change.


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