How LUXON Emergency Tool Can Help You Escape?


LUXON 7-in-1 Emergency Tool Car Safety Escape Tool (1)


    1. Safety hammer


Safety hammers, also known as window breakers, are often used to escape from enclosed cabins. It is made of high-strength material. The hardhead has good corrosion resistance and high hardness, so it is easier to break the window.

Tips for escape in the car: Hit the four corners of the side window. The smaller the corner, the easier it is to be broken.


    2. Safety belt cutting tool

The embedded blade will not cut people or objects, and when you are in danger, you can quickly cut off the seat belt and help you escape as quickly as possible.


    3. Emergency SOS Light

The red indicator light (SOS lighting) has three modes of high, low and strobe, which is easy to ask for help, and it is easier to be found in dark outdoor.


    4. Magnet

The tool has 4 magnets with a strong attraction force, which can be magnetically attracted to the car. It can also be used as a signal marker in conjunction with SOS emergency lights.

LUXON 7-in-1 Emergency Tool Car Safety Escape Tool (7)

     5.LED flashlight

When the car breaks down or there is a power outage at home, a high-brightness LED flashlight with the advantages of low energy consumption, long life, and environmental protection will be useful.


    6.USB charger

The USB charger can charge various USB interface devices such as mobile phones. Meeting emergency needs (power, communications and other)


     7. Hand-cranked charging design

When the tool is out of power, you can use the manual power supply. Hand crank can charge flashlight and mobile phone


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