Household Decoration: Start with These Light Bulbs

When choosing light bulbs for home appliance, we all hope they are good for our eyes, save electricity and use a long time. This also avoids the trouble of replacing the light bulbs frequently.

Along with the continuous development of human science and technology, ordinary light bulbs are gradually replaced by LED light bulbs. The reason why LED bulbs are so popular is because of the following advantages!

  1. Ultra-Long Service Life

Ultra-Long Service Life

The LED bulbs can withstand high strength mechanical shock and vibration, lightning protection, and not easy to be broken.

The average service life of LED bulbs can reach 100,000 hours while the average service life of LED bulbs with good quality can reach 5 to 10 years under the appropriate current and voltage. It can greatly reduce the maintenance cost of bulbs and avoid the trouble of replacing bulbs frequently, which could be called the only longevity star in the field of bulbs.

  1. Rich in Colors

Rich in Colors

Different from the single color of traditional light bulbs, LED light bulbs can release a variety of colors, including red, green and blue. With these three colors and controlled through a system, the colorful world can be restored, which is very fantastic and beautiful. And it is used widely to decorate the night scene.

It is just like living in a dream world to decorate a room with this kind of bulbs at night. The LED lamp wrapped with wool will have a long service life and will not heat up, and it has 20 years’service life theoretically. In the daytime, there is no light, and the color of the wool bulb is still very beautiful.

  1. Energy-saving and Environmental Protection

Energy-saving and Environmental Protection

The LED bulb is soft in color, green and environmentally friendly. It has no flashing direct current, which has good protection for the eyes. It does not contain harmful elements such as mercury and xenon, which is good for recycling, while the common bulbs contain mercury and lead and other substances.

In addition, it is also power-saving. Compared with the same brightness, the 3W LED energy-saving bulb consumes 1  kWh in 333 hours, while the ordinary 60W incandescent bulb consumes 1  kWh in 17 hours and the ordinary 5W energy-saving bulb consumes 1  kWh in 200 hours.

LUXON lighting is an advocate of green lighting. Based on its R&D center and its policy of green lighting, LUXON has launched a series of energy-saving lighting products to the world.

This LUXON 12W LED motion sensor light bulb is a radar motion sensor light. It is bright enough for both indoor and outdoor. And it is ideal to install in stairways, laundry room, the deck, gazebo, basement, washroom, hallway, and garage.

luxon 12w light bulbs

It comes with below advantage.

  • Intelligent radar sensor
  • Dusk to dawn sensor
  • Energy saving & easy installation
  • Hassle free warranty

As for all these features, LUXON LED motion sensor light bulb is ideal for a home appliance. Let’s go and equip your home with LUXON light bulbs.


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