Home Lighting-What Color of Lighting Is Good?

Generally speaking, we often use cool light bulbs for home lighting. However,  what color of light bulbs is actually better for us?

According to scientific evidence, using yellow light at night is better for human health.

yellow home lighting

According to the research done by Thapan, a British scholar, if the color temperature of home light is higher at night, it will affect the secretion of melatonin and cause disease. The cool light we use at home belongs to the light with a high color temperature. In addition, medical doctors have pointed out that cool light is more likely to cause eye macular lesions, cataracts and other eye diseases.

During the daytime, we are under blue and white light, which is relatively strong light. And if we are still under the cool light at night, our body will wrongly think that it is still the daytime, and the hormone secretion will be disordered. Therefore, it is recommended to better use lower color temperature lights at night, such as yellow light. If you need to be more energetic during the day, then use high-temperature light such as white light.

The use of yellow light bulb illumination at night is better for human health. The color temperature affects the endocrine, but it would not affect work efficiency too much. Therefore, If you need to work at night, it is alright to use white or yellow lights, as long as the brightness is enough.

yellow home lighting

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