Edison Light Bulbs for Home Lighting

When it comes to Edison light bulbs, is there such a picture in the minds of many people?

LUXON Edison Light Bulbs

In fact, it’s true. However, in today’s design world, if there are only such pictures of Edison light bulbs in mind, it means outdated.

The following pictures are the Edison light bulbs which have been popular all over the world in recent years.

Edison Light Bulbs

Edison Light Bulbs

Do they look pretty cool? Have you ever seen their figures in your life? From Nordic style to industrial style and American style, they are everywhere. You may get notice of them but not be familiar with them.

Yes, these are the popular vintage Edison light bulbs.

Vintage Edison Light Bulbs

For the vintage Edison light bulbs we are talking about now, they generally refer to the tungsten filament bulbs with unique and retro shapes.

They have the feature of retro shapes, soft light, and they could help to create a unique artistic conception. Therefore, they are beloved by the nostalgic people.

Edison Light BulbsThe tungsten filament winding shapes of Edison bulbs are very attractive.  And the shapes can be divided into up and down winding filament type, spiral type, T type, leaf type, Christmas tree type, etc. In addition, Edison retro bulbs have different length of lamp posts. It is these distinctions that enrich the variety of Edison bulbs.

LUXON Edison Light BulbsLet’s go and have a detailed look at below Edison light bulbs.

Someone may ask: Are such light bulbs outdated? For now, it is the age of LED bulbs.

No, it should not be eliminated. The reason is that most of the Edison retro bulbs currently on sale are filament LED bulbs. They are just similar in appearance to white weave lamps. All-angle luminescence, high color rendering, and high light efficiency are the characteristics of the new Edison retro bulbs.

Let’s take a look at the application of Edison retro light bulbs in specific decoration cases. They very attractive:

LUXON Edison Light Bulbs

LUXON Edison Light Bulbs

When Edison light bulbs are with different types of covers, these lighting fixtures look attractive and gives a unique decoration feel.

LUXON 4W LED Warm Amber Edison Light Bulbs are manufactured to preserve the style of early 1900’s light bulbs. What’s more, this kind of antique vintage led bulbs add a warm glow to any vintage, contemporary or steampunk decor.

LUXON Edison Light Bulbs

LUXON Edison Light Bulbs come with below features:

  • Unique Design — The shaped Amber glass is exactly like a traditional Edison Teardrop and fits regular light fittings.

  • Safe & Green Energy Saving — Using the LED light source, energy saving, green, long service life.

  • Socket Type — Standard American E26 medium base fits universal existing American E26 base and screw in the light fixtures directly.

  • Wide Application — The led light bulbs ideal for indoor/outdoor lanterns, ceiling fixtures, Sconces Wall light, chandeliers, and pendants decoration and so on, multiple places which you’d like to decorate with.

LUXON Edison Light Bulbs

Vintage Edison light bulbs seem to be everywhere, nearly every bar and restaurant in town is using them and now you can bring that into your home!

Would you consider installing several such Edison light bulbs when you buy lighting for your household?


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