Do you know what kind of light you like?

A comfortable home must have a comfortable lighting environment. Now every room in the room will be equipped with lamps and lanterns. The lamps and lanterns can be indispensable household articles in our daily life. The types of lamps and lanterns used in different rooms are also different. Different kinds of lamps and lanterns have different functions and decorative functions. What are the common types of lamps and lanterns Take a look?

1、 Chandeliers are generally used in more formal rooms, such as living rooms, restaurants, bedrooms, etc. they give people a sense of high-end atmosphere. European style houses often use chandeliers, of course, other styles of decoration will also use chandeliers. When installing the chandelier, pay attention to the height of the room. If the room is relatively short and not suitable for installing the chandelier, it will give people a feeling of depression, but not the sense of beauty.

2、 Ceiling lamp is a common lamp. Its shape is simple, but its style is diverse. There are square dome, round dome, flat dome, half-round dome, half flat dome, small rectangular dome and so on. The ceiling lamp can be basically used in various rooms, and can also be directly installed on the ceiling during installation.

3、 Downlight downlight is generally installed around the room, downlight has a lot of good effect of foil, many times the room does not need too bright lighting, so it will turn off the main light in the room and turn on downlight, which can increase the soft atmosphere of the room. Downlight is generally installed in the living room and bedroom, the effect of setting off the atmosphere is very good.

4、 Table lamp is mainly used for local lighting. It is usually placed at the head of the bed or in the office for study. When purchasing, you can buy an energy-saving eye protection table lamp, which can effectively protect your eyes.


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