Decorate this kind of lamp, let your style instantly upgrade several grades!

If a space looks at the “local flavor” or “almost meaning”, it may be because there is no suitable lighting. Choosing a good lamp with high quality and a strong sense of design can instantly enhance the beauty and atmosphere experience of space by several levels. Today, we recommend several overseas or minority or “metered” modern style lamp brands and their most representative series.

Fontana Arte

One of the four famous Italian lamp brands, founded in 1932. Fontana Arte’s lighting design ideas are mostly derived from life and past cultural precipitation and expressed by artistic means. Therefore, it is not only a product but also an art of life, accumulating history and culture.


Bilia Series desk lamp is composed of two basic geometric cones and spheres. The combination of metal and frosted glass makes it simple and fashionable in simplicity.


Galilee series is to express the past time in modern language, and the design inspiration comes from the old oil lamp. The wall lamp version is composed of glass, leather, metal, and marble, which is full of retro elegance.

Floor lamp version, one lamp can be used as a reading lamp to create an ideal reading atmosphere; floor lamp with three lamps can adjust the environment lighting according to the height.


The design of nobi series is very simple. Two bowl-shaped glass discs are fixed by tiny springs and fixed on the metal frame, which can rotate. It is very simple and unique.


The optunia series is named for its cactus like appearance. It is composed of two discs that can rotate nearly 360 degrees. Both discs can emit light, which can generate soft light by reflecting from walls or ceilings.


Tripod series is elegant and slim. It is composed of three kinds of light. The white frosted glass sphere produces scattered ambient light. The other two are adjustable spotlights. The combination of black and brass makes it have a low-key elegance.


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