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In today’s world, lighting brings us into a bright world.

However, with more and more light bulbs are replaced by energy-saving lamps and smart LED light bulbs, what else can we make use of the old light bulbs? What can waste light bulbs do when it is no longer making illumination for us?

Let’s take a look at the following picture.

light bulb vase

The crystal bottle collocated with white Gypsophila Paniculata makes a series of romantic notes.

Some of you may want a beautiful vase like this one.


Let’s make our own vase following below steps.

Steps for Making Bulb Vase

Material: vise, waste light bulb, hemp rope, copper wire, iron wire

  • Turn the top off with pliersTurn the light bulb top off with pliers
  • Take out the filament and leave only one bulb

Take out the filament and leave only one bulb

  • Wrap the hemp rope around the aluminum sheet so that it can catch the rope to prevent it from falling off

Wrap the hemp rope around the light bulb

  • Prepare a vase and some dry trunk branches. After fixing, hang the finished “bulb vase” with wire, insert beautiful flowers, and then the romantic atmosphere is ready to come out!

light bulb vase

  • Or first fold the wire ring into different lengths, hang the “bulb vase” directly, insert different flowers, and create a beautiful and fresh feeling;

light bulb vase

We can also use copper wire to twist into a base, add water, and insert flowers, and then a creative vase is done! It is not necessary to arrange real flowers, and it is also beautiful to put simulation flowers in the light bulb.

light bulb vase

Change the angle, turn the light bulb upside down, and paint the color. Then we can also make a balloon full of fun!

light bulb ballon

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