Creative DIY Ideas with Light Bulbs

The DIY home industry has already targeted an unremarkable light bulb!

An ordinary light bulb could be different after processing into a vase. Occasionally there will be light bulbs burned out at home. Have you discarded these used bulbs directly? These DIY ideas can make the used light bulbs turn on again, and become a little beautiful home furnishing.

DIY potted plant with Light Bulbs

Steps for DIY Home Furnishing with Light Bulbs

Step 1: Prepare the necessary materials for DIY creative home furnishing. A used light bulb of whatever size and whatever shape at you choose, a vise and a string.

Step 2: Take out the wick inside with a vise.

PS: DIY household accessories may be risky. Be careful not to hurt your hand when taking the wick with a vise.

steps for diy with light bulbs

Step 3: Leave the empty light bulb and start the beautiful journey in the DIY light bulb.

DIY Creative Home Furnishing – Potted Plants with Bulb

Firstly, put the soil into the empty bulb, until the soil is at about a quarter of the bottle. And then sprinkle the seeds. Because the bulb space is small, it is recommended to choose the plants with strong vitality.

diy Potted Plants with Bulb

When creating potted plants with light bulbs, be careful when watering them. After all, they are so weak that they cannot stand any little hurt.

diy Potted Plants with Bulb

After careful production, this potted plant is so beautiful. It looks like a small ecosystem. At this time, you could feel the joy of the DIY. The home furnishing is limited, but creativity is infinite.

diy Potted Plants with Bulb

It is also a good choice to put some drought-tolerant plants in. Also, you could tie it up with cotton thread and hang on the wall as household decorations.

diy hanging Plants with Bulb

It’s also very elegant to hang some little flowers with hemp ropes. Or add water and put fresh flowers and plants in the water, which will look so joyful. Or make a shelf with steel wire, then it will become a home furnishing of art.

diy hanging Plants with Bulb

DIY Creative Home Furnishing – Fish Tank with Light bulbs

You may never think that a light bulb could be used as a fish tank to raise small fish. It’s like the underwater world. Make a home decoration with a micro underwater world. I give full satisfaction with this idea.

diy Fish Tank with Light bulbs

Of course, such a small fish tank can only put some small fry.

As a home lighting brand, LUXON always sticks to our green policy. That is providing energy-saving lighting products to the whole world. Our LUXON products include sensing bulbs, decorative bulbs, and smart bulbs to gear up your home lighting.

This LUXON 12W LED motion sensor light bulb is a radar motion sensor light. It is bright enough for both indoor and outdoor. And it is ideal to install in stairways, laundry room, the deck, gazebo, basement, washroom, hallway, and garage.

luxon led light bulbs

It comes with below advantage:

  • Intelligent radar sensor
  • Dusk to dawn sensor
  • Energy saving & easy installation
  • Hassle free warranty

LUXON LED motion sensor light bulb is ideal for a home appliance. You could also DIY creative artwork with our LUXON light bulbs.


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