Choosing the right bulb is very important! How to choose a household light bulb?

The light bulb is a necessity in our home. Do you know how to choose a household light bulb? Choosing an unsuitable light bulb can cause damage to our eyes, so choosing a light bulb is important!

Choose LED lights

LED bulbs are also known as “energy-saving bulbs” and have been used in many cities to replace incandescent lamps. But in the country, incandescent lamps are still quite popular, mainly because LED lamps are more expensive and troublesome to replace. There is almost no difference in service life between the two. Generally, as long as the right brand is selected, some large brands of excellent energy-saving lamps can achieve nearly 8000 hours of lighting time, and ordinary brand lamps also have more than 3,000 hours of lighting life, which is not expensive now. And if you use more LED bulbs at home, you can save money.


Bulb wattage and area

Although bulbs are commonly used in life, many people are not sure how to choose the wattage of the bulb. In fact, the wattage is closely related to the housing area. This is the same as the relationship between the air conditioner and the floor area. The small area, high wattage, and bright lighting will only increase light pollution, but the area is large, the wattage is low, and the lighting is dark. How to choose the appropriate wattage according to the area. In general, 3-5 square meters of space, suitable for 8-13W LED lights, if it is 5-15 square meters, it is suitable for 13-38w lighting.

However, different areas of different living rooms also require different light intensity. For example, a room of 3-10 square meters, general light bulb brightness bathroom > kitchen = living room > balcony. The living room space is relatively large, the traditional two-bedroom living room has about 20-40 square meters, so in the wattage of LED chandeliers, it should be suitable for 60-280W lighting, and some three-bedroom or large flat-level houses, maybe It has a living area of ​​40-80 square meters and is suitable for 280-450W.

In particular, the brightness of the living room lighting should be lower. This not only reduces power consumption but also reduces light pollution. The chandeliers are almost all point light sources. The closer to the light source point, the higher the brightness and transparency. If the ceiling chandelier needs to consider the lighting in the corner of the living room, it not only consumes a lot of electricity but also causes irritation to the human eye. Especially for children and the elderly at home, the damage to vision is irreversible.

In fact, if you want to save electricity, in fact, many high-tech lighting is recommended, such as voice-activated lights that often appear on many stairs, you can design to the porch, which can reduce wastage of electricity.


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