Bedroom Lighting Buying Guide – How to Choose Light Bulbs for Bedrooms

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The bedroom is where we rest every day. The light source is more strictly considered than the living room. Sometimes we have to work in the bedroom and read before going to bed, so the light source has a great influence on the vision.

As for the light source, the soft light can play a protective role for our eyes. As a result, how many watts does a household light bulb usually have? How to choose a bedroom led bulb? Let’s come with LUXON for the details.


Q1: How many watts is a household light bulb?

(1) Bedroom lamp: Generally, the wattage is between 10 and 15W;

(2) Square and circular staircase lamps: Generally, the average wattage is between 8 and 16W;

(3) Wall lamp: 3W or so; Top lamp: 5W or so;

(4) If it is a desk area, it is OK for 15W energy-saving lamp to process reading and working. If there is the ceiling lamp, then 40W is OK.


Q2: How to choose a bedroom led bulb?

  • 1. As for bedroom lighting, it mainly considers the lighting needs of bedside reading, dressing area, and other local areas.

Therefore, in terms of requirements, it should integrate general lighting, local lighting, and decorative lighting three functions into one. For bedside lamp, the light source must be soft, for this light helps sleep. For the light, which is too bright, it would hurt your eyes.

Optional Colors: goose yellow, milky white, etc.


  • 2. The choice of bedside lamp also depends on the size of room space, furniture placement, decoration style, and personal needs.

The desk lamp and wall lamp are mostly used as a bedside lamp in the bedroom. The size of the desk lamp can be considered according to the size of the bed and the bedside cabinet, either one or two. For wall lamp, it is more suitable for bedtime reading use.

In order to have a better reading experience, you can choose a flexible and controllable light source intensity products.


  • 3. The importance of soft light source.

Therefore, when choosing bedroom lamps, we can see whether or not the material of the lighting fixture can play the role of softening the light source. For example, there are common ground glass, parchment, PVC colored materials and so on. Now that kind of translucent material can set off a warm atmosphere of half-light and half-darkness, which can let people put down the pressure.


  • 4. Material or accessories of bedroom lamps should consider the problem of light reflection.

Material or accessories of bedroom lamps should consider the problem of light reflection. Otherwise, a little light will appear dazzling. If you use energy-saving lights, take a 10-foot bedroom as an example, it is enough for a 9W lamp. Of course, we can also choose some small ceiling lamp, which can not only increase the aesthetics but also easily control the intensity of the light source.


LUXON is a professional light bulbs designer and manufacturer.


LUXON 7W GU10 LED Light Bulbs Cold White 60W Equivalent Halogen – 6 Pack

LUXON GU10 LED Light Bulbs

This LUXON light bulb comes with below features:


【Energy Saving & Long Lifespan】— Full brightness with 600lumes and 60-watt equivalent with 90% less energy use. Lifespan up to 30000 hours. Flicker-free, no mercury, and natural lighting.


【Energy Efficient& Non-Dimmable】— High-brightness LED technology provides outstanding energy efficiency. Please note: The LED Chandelier Bulbs are a non-dimmable light bulb, don’t use the LED bulb with dimmer switches.


【True & Bright】— 5000k and high CRI of 80+ halogen light bulbs remain true and natural. Producing bright white full glow ideal for living rooms, dining rooms, and recreation rooms.


【Easy Installation】— 7w (60w equivalent ) fits into universal existing American GU10/MR16 base and fits the light fixtures directly, also fits GU10 MR16 track and recessed lighting fixtures. Safe using and environmental protection.


【Wide Application & Warranty】— Ideal for home indoor lighting, commercial places or any other places where accent lighting is required. etc, Comes with a LUXON 1-year warranty.


All of LUXON LED light bulbs has No Ultraviolet (UV) light, do not attract mosquitoes like conventional bulbs. Free of toxic chemicals, like mercury or lead, which will protect your children and family’s health and also allows you to help make the world a little bit greener.


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