Arrangement Skills For Wedding Lighting

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Whether it is the wedding stage or the banquet hall, the use of lighting props is very important, which can create a different atmosphere according to the style of lamps and the light emitting.

Here we recommend some wedding lighting arrangements. Let’s see what style your wedding banquet fits.

Different Wedding Lighting Arrangments

  1. Edison Bulb

LUXON Edison Bulb

Simple Edison bulbs are very popular at weddings lighting nowadays. They are usually hanging over the table. It is important for the choices of light height. For that, lighting hanging too low will affect the guests’ dining, while too high cannot achieve the desired effect.


  1. Personality Lighting Fixture

LUXON Personality Lighting Fixture

Decorating some personality on the light fixture is a popular way of modern wedding lighting, especially for the couples who hold the wedding in the warehouse.


  1. Romantic LED String Light

LUXON Romantic LED String Light

LED string lights are commonly used in wedding lighting decoration. This series of colorful lights can create a romantic atmosphere. Vertical string curtains can be used as partition walls for wedding banquet tables. The arrangement of ceiling string lights can give people the illusion of being in the starry sea.


  1. Warm Candlestick


LUXON Warm Candlestick

Candlelight dinner between couples is the embodiment of romance, while the candlelight banquet at the wedding is mysterious and warm. Generally, there are two ways to arrange it. One is to hang the candlestick from the ceiling, the other is to set the table directly with glasses and candles.


  1. Dreamlike Projection


LUXON Dreamlike Projection

Generally speaking, there are such brilliant and dreamlike projections on the stage of performance. Many people use them at the wedding stage. In fact, they can also be skillfully used on the wedding table, such as projecting the intensive round light on the wall beside the table.


  1. Gorgeous Crystal Chandeliers


LUXON Gorgeous Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers are the most common lamps for large-scale luxury wedding lighting, especially for some hotel wedding banquets. These gorgeous crystal chandeliers are everywhere. Of course, if they are well arranged, they will appear high-end and top-grade. Otherwise, they will seem very like nouveau riche.

We are LUXON specializing in providing different kinds of light bulbs for household, commercial places or different occasions using.

LUXON 4W LED Warm Amber Edison Light BulbsLUXON Edison Light Bulbs

It is also a good choice for wedding lighting. Besides, it could be widely used in household, bars, clubs, or other commercial places.

LUXON light bulbs come with below features:

  • Using an LED light source for 90% energy saving and ensure safety and green using policy
  •  Gorgeous squirrel cage filament design adds a unique and romantic atmosphere in your every room
  •  40W, 120V, 2700K, 380Lumens, dimmable warm white light is ideal for both indoor and outdoor lighting
  •  Fits into E26 screw base, fitting your standard home lighting sockets and easily screw in the light fixtures directly
  •  Lifespan up to 20,000 hours with a hassle-free LUXON 1-year warranty

So what’s your plan for your wedding lighting arrangement?


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