7 Creative Porch Decorations with Plants – Which One Do You Prefer?

A porch is an entrance covered by a roof outside the front door of a house.

This place can be used not only for leisure and enjoying the cool but also for entertaining guests.

If you want this space to look more natural, you could decorate it with some plants.  Let’s take a look at the following eight creative decoration.

1. Potted Plants Decoration

Potted Plants Decoration

The above picture is a wooden house. The whole floor is gray and the color is similar to the surrounding environment. The hard floor brings people a deep touching while with two potted plants decorating at the entrance, the whole porch looks vibrant.

2. Windowsill with Flowers

Windowsill with Flowers

This porch gives a feeling of simplicity. Gray and white tones, collocating with old-fashioned decoration, a faded small reclining chair, and flowers set on the windowsill, which is also a good choice.

3. Front Porch with Potted Vanilla

Front Porch with Potted Vanilla

This front porch is made of a recreational sofa with some wooden trays. It looks fresh and natural. In addition, it uses a birdcage to raise some small, fleshy potted plants. Next to it is lavender, which grows very vigorously. It looks very charming and smells fragrant when you relax at the porch.

4. Lovely Collocation

Lovely Collocation

The collocation between light blue and white makes the whole space lively and lovely, and the entire front porch also looks spacious and elegant. The layout of shutters is also eye-catching, and it is fine to choose some ferns as decorative plants.

5. Gorgeous Collocation

Gorgeous Collocation

This porch is very luxurious, and the overall layout is a warm tone. Colorful curtains, rattan chairs and certain types of tulips, make the whole porch enjoyable.

6. A Porch Swing

A Porch Swing

If there is enough space on the porch, a porch swing could also be an enjoyable decoration. The color of the porch swing could be natural white and blue. A potted rose is a good addition to the whole set.

7. Rocking Chairs in the Porch

Rocking Chairs in the Porch

This porch is very leisure. With two rocking chairs, it seems relaxed and natural. Imagine lying here chatting and drinking with friends, and looking at the brilliant potted plants next to the chairs from time to time. How enjoyable it is.

What about your porch decoration? Come and share yours with us.


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