4 Reasons to Choose Smart Light Bulbs

Smart LED bulbs are different from ordinary LED bulbs. They are not just for lighting. The reason that smart LED bulbs are called “smart” is that they can be connected with mobile APPs for controlling. By controlling with mobile APPs, lots of new functions could be realized.

1.Adjusting Brightness

One of the basic functions of smart LED bulbs is that users can adjust the brightness of the lighting without installing a switch. Users only need to replace the old bulbs with these smart LED bulbs, and they could adjust the brightness of the lighting by controlling the APP.

2. Light Controlling Anytime and Anywhere

For some smart LED lights, there is a pre-planned function.

That is users could control the lighting even when he is out of the home. This is also a very good function for home security.

For example, if you are on vacation with your family, you could still turn on and turn off the lighting normally every day. By doing this, it is not easy for the thieves to enter your house cuz they think someone is at home. In addition, this function is also helpful to save energy. If you forget to turn off the lighting when you are outside the house, you could turn off the light through the APPs. It is a way to save energy as well as protect the environment.

3. RGB Lighting Function

Nowadays, many smart LED bulbs are designed with the function of RGB lighting. These lights are dimmable and could change colors. You could use the RGB lighting function to compatible with different holidays or parties.

4. Speaker Function

If you don’t like lines of loudspeaker twinning everywhere and want to listen to music, you only need a smart light bulb. For now, some smart light bulbs with built-in speakers could help you get rid of these troubles.

If you wanna get a light bulb with these functions, then LUXON is the right choice for you. It not only could provide high-quality lighting effect, but also could adjust brightness at the same time.

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